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ROOMFUN® is the BDSM expert which offers premium bondages, restraints and accessories for couples, partners and kinky play amateurs. By in-depth research and understanding of BDSM plays, its vast bondage collection offers wider options for people who pursues different levels of kinky pleasure, no matter you're beginner, advanced player or hardcore enthusiast. Using high quality leather and silk, ROOMFUN® bondage toys ensure maximum comfort and safety during any sexual activity.

If you're new and just starting off exploration to bondage plays, we've prepared Beginners Silk Bondage Set to guide you through the basics of a kinky game, offering silky touch and tickling sensations. When you're prepared to step into a bold restraints game, simply choose our leather bondage packs for luxurious and intensified pleasure, from Premium Leather Bondage Set, Desire Ritual Bondage Pack to exotic style Egypt Kitten Leather Bondage Pack.

We also have magnificent sex furnitures from ROOMFUN® to offer you a ultimate hardcore BDSM play. Explore torture, humiliation and forced restraints with St. Andre X-Shaped Rack, Wooden Sex Trojan or Power Play M-Shaped Sex Chair. Blow your mind in bondage games with ROOMFUN®.

There is hardly a more kinky idea of BDSM than a subject shackled up against a wall or a punitive ti..


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It's hardly to find out a seriously designed triangular trojan chair which is specialized for huge B..


You might had dreamed of an exciting expedition to the ancient Egypt, and wanted to feel the sensati..


Regain the instincts of the beast that dwelled for long deeply in your heart, and give a serious bon..


Extraordinary wand massager by BDSM specialist ROOMFUN®, this wand sex toy is designed to deliver mu..


Hold it, you can hold it firmly for whatever sex positions that both of you desired. Turn your film ..


If you are looking to add spicy excitements into the submissive bondage sex, look no further ! This ..


Break the dull and add a bit shades of grey to the intimate moments. The Desire Ritual Bondage Kit i..


Get bored of regular bondage restraints only with use of a few toys ? Time to sublime the kinky play..


Explore bondage play easily and gently without stepping out of your comfort zone. Our cherry-picked ..


What if the 'pets' are getting naughtier and undisciplined ? You're just one step behind to re-estab..


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