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U.A.E Personal Data Protection Law Compliance

Effective from 2 January 2022

U.A.E Personal Data Protection Law Compliance

The Personal Data Protection Law of the U.A.E is the first federal law to be drafted in partnership with major technology companies in the private sector. It came into force on 2 January 2022.

Emirate Toys (‘we’ hereinafter) is an online adult novelty store operating based on the e-commerce website. In order to help customers placing orders of merchandise, receiving notification of order and delivery updates, keeping posted with our promos, new arrivals and advices, some parts of our website use features such as web forms to collect necessary personal information for the purposes of order processing, package delivery and item returns.

We placed huge importance on the protection of personal data which collected from customers shopping on our website. With a mission to provide customers an excellent shopping experience and meanwhile protect the personal information securely confidential, we’ve put huge technical measures in place to align with the best practice of global data protection principles and the U.A.E Personal Data Protection Law.

The original records required under the U.A.E PDPL for orders, subscriptions made on our website are in possession and are available for inspection, alteration, deletion during working hours at:

[email protected]