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Your intimate life just got sexier with Orgie®. The leading adult wellness brand is from Portugal, it offers a wide array of premium essentials for better sex life, which makes couples hug closer and moan louder. All-natural body-safe formulas and fast-acting, Orgie's exclusive liquid vibrators, orgasm drops and clitoral stimulating gels help women increase their arousal to extreme pleasure, while the pheromone perfumes and male delay sprays intensify the sexual appeal and make the love-making longer. Find the Orgie feelings in your bedroom !

Sexy Vibe ! High Voltage by Orgie. The extra strong intimate arousal gel for women is formulated wit..

$46.70 $48.90

Sensfeel for Woman perfume in 10 ml travel size edt, Orgie's exclusive formula contaning the natural..


Orgie Tighten gel is a soothing, skin-friendly intimate care product which improves the elasticity i..


Xtra Hard Power Gel is formulated with Capsicum and other stimulating active ingredients that provid..


Intimus White by Orgie, the intimate whitening cream comes in a new milder formula that provides a l..


Sensfeel for Man edt perfume in 10 ml travel size, Orgie exclusive formula containing the natural-ba..


She Spot has active ingredients in its formula that stimulate the G-spot area making it even more se..

$55.98 $58.90

Touro is an erection enhancer cream formulated with Taurine and Ginko Biloba, both natural active in..


Sexy Vibe ! Liquid Vibrator. The classic arousal intimate gel is formulated with active ingredients ..

$35.20 $38.90

Orgie Time Lag Plus Delay Spray is a powerful upgrade of the similar Time Lag Delay Spray for men. K..


Orgasm Drops Clitoral Arousal Gel is an Orgie exclusive and groundbreaking formulation employing hig..

$41.70 $48.90

Time Lag Delay Spray is developed with the purpose of increasing the time for men. Desensitizing for..


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